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Amargosa reviews Blue Dragon (X360)

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Amargosa said...

The game has a very nice look and feel. Akira Toriyama combined with Nobuo Uematsu equals to awesone Art.

The good

Colourful and squishy xD
Everything looks nice, flawless drawing and funny animations. I love when mobs call for reinforcement but no one joine and they look disappointed.

Great Soundtrack
What else would you expect from the great master Nobuo Uematsu.

Classical and easy turn-based combat
I just like it that way.^^

Short loading times/Screens
Yeah, just short. Nothing that makes you wait long enough to get a coffee.

The bad

The camera control sucks
I don't get it why we still have games with such bad camera control, stupid zoom-in's until all blurs up. Its not like the camera was just invented yesterday. With all the great technology, Processorpower and awesome designs aren't we allowed to expect a flawless camera control? What is a nice looking game worth if you cannot look at it because the camera is elsewhere or not controlable at all?

Numbers of encounters too high in the beginning
Really pissed me off. In the beginning you often end up with an enemy in front of you, one behind you and then another one pops out from the ground to ambush you. You fight one and after the fight is over the next one starts.

Start and End of Battle
The start and the end of a battle takes too long. With that number of encounters you waste a big part of time waiting for the battle to start/end.

Difficulty of the first boss (the Dinosaur thiny) slightly too high
The rampage move took always 50% HP out of my entire party (of each member). He did that quite frequently. Also his defense is quite high, even if you can attack the Horn after a few rounds. Even thou I leveld a little bit and fought quite some mobs it was still a little bit difficult.

Way too much items you can touch/pick/kick/investigate (Trees, stones, wood, chests, etc.)
There are too many spots you can investigate to find something: kick a stone around, shake a tree, touch wood, investigate poo left from your enemies, treasure chest.. and that's just what I got so far in a few minutes. For me a little bit too much.

Some are quite nice and I got already one, the most easy one: Attack one enemy on the field from behind.
Still, while browsing the Achievement list, I got the feeling that most of them require a lot of grinding. Something I hate!

The Story
The game starts all of a sudden. You get thrown into a big mess right away. Things start to unfold slowly but noticeable. One thing after each other, you encounter enemies and friends. The most funny thing so far was the roboter that you need to fight for two treasure chest. I won't tell you why because I don't want to spoil you.

All in all this game was not able to keep me bound to the couch and collects dust now.

Game Traits applied to Blue Dragon (X360) by Amargosa

  • The Setting:
    Fantasy world
  • Playing As:
    Young heroes
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    turn-based combat, JRPG
  • General Tone:
    Akira Toriyama
Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date:
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