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Amargosa reviews Infinite Undiscovery (X360)

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Amargosa said...

Now I had my hands on the game for the first hour and boy am I disappointed.

Of course I'm talking the first hour only. However, the beginning of a game is important and is often the reason to keep playing or to stop at all. My personal opinion is that the game starts unfriendly, way too much confusing control information and demotivating progress.

But let us start at the beginning.
The opening cinematic is very cool and the music is great. It makes lust for more.
Once the game starts things quickly turn hectic. The first few battles where you kill some soldiers is nothing big.
However, the upcoming tutorials are very bad. It is a lot of information right at the beginning. Often 3+ pages with information about controls, combos, sneaking up, hiding, special moves, AP, EXP, HP+MP, etc. Also the text in those tutorials is very difficult to read on a normal TV. Its to small and partially blurry. Very bad. Quality control?

Here you get the first save point: Save away!

Next thing is you need to escape. No big deal. It puts a little bit of pressure on you to run away but that is good to manage.
After you were running up and got rid of the trouble you can save again: yay!

Once you've escaped you're not done yet. Now you need to escape away trough the forest. Another tutorial popping up.
The forest is really extremly(!) dark only a few spare lights here and there. That is a little bit to confusing when you need to run away because often you can't detect dead ends or wooden parts that block a way.
After some hectic running away, still no idea how to use medicine to heal up (thankfully your comrade does it) you manage to get trough the forest fighting soldiers, big bee-type thingys and some dogs that chase you one might think the forest will end soon.
Maybe. At the end the big badass is popping up again: Fight or run? No idea. The game doesn't tell you if you need to run still or if you can fight him this time (in the jail you got told you can't kill him). So what?
Everything is dark, where to run, do we fight? After some turns and trying to land some attacks we died and I got my "Game Over" screen.
Getting that screen in the first hour of a game is demotivating and questions how the rest of the game is designed.
Since the last chance to save was in (close to the end of) the jail you'd have to do all(!) the forest stuff again. Oh great! :(

Once I got the mood for it I'll try it again. However, in my opinion this is not how a game should start.

Game Traits applied to Infinite Undiscovery (X360) by Amargosa

  • The Setting:
    Fantasy world
  • Playing As:
    unlikely hero
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    RPG elements, J-RPG
  • General Tone:
Infinite Undiscovery

Infinite Undiscovery (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 02/SEP/08
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